Courses to Suit You

Trailer Training, B+E Test Preparation Courses

Standard Course

The standard course has proved very successful for all levels of experience it includes 1 on 1 training and lasts 1.5 days long with the test on the second day.


The test is marked at the level of HGV and therefore is of considerable higher standard than the regular practical driving test.


It is not just about reversing with a trailer, it is also about improving your own driving skills.

The course would normally start at our training area in Dunvant, Swansea at 8:30am and finishes approx 4:30pm on the 1st day.

You will have up to 2 breaks and a lunch period.

To tow successfully you must understand:

  • The combined length of your towing vehicle and the trailer on the road.

  • The limitations your vehicle has with extra weight attached.

  • The laws requiring speed limits.

  • How to hitch / load your trailer.

  • How to accurately reverse with your trailer.


The following day the B+E test will be arranged and you will have additional training before the test.

What Will You Need?

All you will need is:


  • A standard full B Class licence to undertake these courses.


We Supply 


  • The trailer for training and test. 

  • A suitable training vehicle, 


You can

  • Use your own vehicle if suitable. (Must be able to tow around 2000kg)

Double Course

A double course is for 2 test candidates to train together, the training is then for 2 whole days with both sitting the test in the afternoon of the last day. 


This course suits family members, friends and work teams and is subject to availability of suitable test times.

This can work out better financially but is more suited to those who have some experience already with towing.

Additional Training

Having problems maneuvering your caravan, boat, horsebox etc...


We can provide bespoke courses to help you but perhaps all you'll need is some time at our training area starting with just 1.5hrs of tuition to get you started.  


Contact us to see how see how we  can help.