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At Select Trailer Training we have over 20 years experience getting a wide variety of people through the B+E trailer test.

Although that has unexpectedly come to an end we are still offering trailer handling courses for any who wish assistance in towing on the road or maneuvering off it, helping individuals or companies to gain experience and competency with the extra issues involved with towing.

On the 10th of September 2021 the government announced plans to help to tackle the shortage of lorry drivers.

As a result of these changes, all car drivers will be able to tow a trailer weighing up to 3,500kg without the need for an additional test when the law is changed, which will be as soon as possible.  

We would like to thank everyone who has worked hard since 1997 to achieve a higher standard of driving and towing to gain a qualification that is suddenly no longer needed so more lorry drivers can be tested.

Due to these sudden changes in licencing law we will be reevaluating whether we will be able to continue trailer training in the future so if you need help towing in any shape or form please check out our new courses whilst they are still available.


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You will get the B+E trailer category added to your licence automatically when the law changes in 2021. 

If you need help towing we have a course for you.


Please note, towing regulations are now simple you can tow what you like up to 3500kg when the law changes 2021.


We used to specialise in trailer training but all are work is now under review.

Recent Test Results

Another successful standard B+E trailer course completed using the Swansea test centre passing on the first attempt with just a couple of driver faults! Should have no problems the rowing team around or anything else. 


The first successful result of a double B+E trailer course with the test at Llantrisant. Ready now to tow trailers for work and anything else needed in the future.


The second successful result of a double B+E trailer course with the test at Llantrisant. Also  now ready to tow trailers for work  and anything else needed in the future.

Trailer Training Coverage:

  • Our main training area operates out of Swansea where you will benefit from off road facilities suitable for the trailer training exercises and easy access to the local test centre. With the ability to complete the course in just 1.5 days this gives good access across the whole of South Wales.

  • Many living in other areas of the UK have benefited from residential courses either having a one night stay over or as part of a longer break in the nearby Gower peninsula officially an area of outstanding natural beauty.

  • It may in certain circumstances be possible for us to come to you.


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